Background and Information

The aim of the PINT database is to catalogue all absolute palaeointensity data with ages > 50 ka which have been published in the peer-reviewed literature. The data is provided at the cooling unit level or, in the case of large intrusions, at the sampling site level. In some cases, the data provided in the publication only allows averages of multiple cooling units to be given. In such cases, this should be a Field.

The 2003 version of the IAGA absolute palaeointensity database was described in detail by Perrin & Schnepp (2004; PEPI 147, 255-267). It was updated through late 2006 by Lisa Tauxe (Tauxe, L. and Yamazaki, T, 2007. Paleointensities, in: Treatise on Geophysics, Schubert, G. (ed.), vol. 5, Geomagnetism, 509-564, Oxford: Elsevier Ltd.) and since then by Andy Biggin (with help from various people - see updates). A new website for PINT with a queryable interface was created in July, 2009. A big thank you to Alan McCormack for writing the code for the original interface and assisting with its web-hosting. The data, formerly included in PINT 2003, with ages less than 50 kyr are excluded from the latest version as these are now all included in the GEOMAGIA50 database. A copy of the 2003 database compiled by Mireille Perrin and still containing the 0-50 ka data is available here available upon request. An alternative version of this database is maintained by the Borok Geophysical Observatory. Most PINT data are already in the MagIC database and new data will continue to be uploaded. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes / omissions or have any suggestions for improvements.